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About Us

The original EBSE web site was produced as part of a funded research project and was finalised in 2010. Since then, there have been major changes in our understanding of EBSE and systematic review conduct and reporting.  The task of updating the web site has been led by Barbara Kitchenham, with David Budgen acting as WebMaster, with further support from Pearl Brereton and others in the community. We are very grateful to all who have contributed to the vision and realisation of EBSE since it was first proposed in 2004 and hope that the revised web site will provide a valuable resource for practitioners, researchers, teachers, students and policy-makers wanting to make evidence-informed decisions related to software engineering activities.

Our thanks to Durham University for currently hosting the web site and providing support for its updating. We recommend making reference to the site using the format shown below, and using our host-independent address

Budgen D., Kitchenham B. & Brereton P. (2023) EBSE Web Site. Available at:  (Accessed: <date site consulted>)

Last updated, May 2023