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This page provides an index to a number of core resources that we hope will be of use to everyone interested in the ideas of EBSE.

  • We have collated a glossary of terms used to describe empirical software engineering in general. Part of our rationale for doing this is that many primary studies do not provide clear or well-structured reports of their practices, and that the empirical terminology is often used inaccurately. By encouraging others to use a standard set of terms we hope to encourage better reporting standards.
  • We provide a bibliography of documents that are associated with the descriptions of evidence-based research provided on this web site, including those related to both primary studies and secondary studies. Our aim is to keep this updated with details of methodological studies.
  • For researchers who are planning to conduct empirical studies, we offer some templates that can be used to help create research protocols or plans for both primary and secondary studies.
  • We provide links to major search engines as used in software engineering.

Access to information about published systematic reviews is aided by the use of clear abstracts and well-structured reporting of both the conduct of a review and its findings.

  • We provide information about the use and format of structured abstracts as a means of giving clear information to potential users of the report for any empirical study.
  • We describe the SEGRESS reporting guidelines that can help authors ensure that they provide full and useful information for readers about the processes used in a systematic review as well as the outcomes from it.