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An Analysis of Research in Computing Disciplines

TitleAn Analysis of Research in Computing Disciplines
Author(s)R.L. Glass and V. Ramesh and I. Vessey
DetailsArticle: 2004
AbstractMany people consider the contemporary time period the “era of computing.” Indeed, technological advances in the computing field are leading in exciting new directions. It is their intention here to analyze the field of computing by examining computing research, in order to better understand where the field has been, and to consider where it may be going. The possibility of amalgamation among computing disciplines raises some potentially interesting questions. It is interesting to contrast the findings for the three disciplines. Computer science examines topics related to computer concepts at technical levels of analysis by formulating processes/methods/algorithms largely using mathematically based conceptual analysis; further, it does not rely on reference disciplines. Regarding any potential amalgamation of the fields, whether at the level of the discipline or of the institution, it is important that it be based on both mutual understanding and mutual acceptance. The research findings provide information to address such issues directly.
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TopicsEmprical Practices and Evidence, Mapping Study, Research Methods, Secondary Study, Software Engineering