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How Does a Measurement Programme Evolve in Software Organizations?

TitleHow Does a Measurement Programme Evolve in Software Organizations?
Author(s)Harjumaa, Lasse and Markkula, Jouni and Oivo, Markku
DetailsConference Proceedings: 2008
AbstractEstablishing a software measurement programme within an organization is not a straightforward task. Previous literature surveys have focused on software process improvement in general and software measurement has been analysed in case studies. This literature survey collects the data from separate cases and presents the critical success factors that are specific to software measurement programmes. We present a categorization of the success factors based on organizational roles that are involved in measurement. Furthermore, the most essential elements of success in different phases of the life cycle of the measurement programme are analysed. It seems that the role of upper management is crucial when starting measurement and the individual developers’ impact increases in the later phases. Utilization of the measurement data and improvement of the measurement and development processes requires active management support again.
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TopicsApplication, Evolution, Metrics, Secondary Study