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In search of \’architectural knowledge\’

TitleIn search of \’architectural knowledge\’
Author(s)de Boer, Remco C. and Farenhorst, Rik
DetailsConference Proceedings: 2008
AbstractThe software architecture community puts more and more emphasis on ‘architectural knowledge’. However, there appears to be no commonly accepted definition of what architectural knowledge entails, which makes it a fuzzy concept. In order to obtain a better understanding of how different authors view ‘architectural knowledge’, we have conducted a systematic review to examine how architectural knowledge is defined and how the different definitions in use are related. From this review it became clear that many authors do not provide a concrete definition of what they think architectural knowledge entails. What is more intriguing, though, is that those who do give a definition seem to agree that architectural knowledge spans from problem domain through decision making to solution; an agreement that is not obvious from the definitions themselves, but which is only brought to light after careful systematic comparison of the different studies.
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TopicsApplication, Design, Secondary Study