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Mobile Systems Development – A literature review

TitleMobile Systems Development – A literature review
Author(s)Hosbond, J.H. and Nielsen, P.A.
DetailsConference Proceedings: 2005
AbstractThis article reviews 105 representative contributions to the literature on mobile systems development. The contributions are categorized according to a simple conceptual framework. The framework comprises four perspectives: the requirements perspective, the technology perspective, the application perspective, and the business perspective. Our literature review shows that mobile systems development is overlooked in the current debate. From the review, we extend the traditional view on systems development to encompass mobile systems, and based on the identified perspectives we propose core characteristics for mobile systems. We also extend the traditional focus found in systems development on processes in a development project to encompass the whole of the development company as well as inter-organizational linkage between development companies. Finally, we point at research directions emerging from the review that are relevant to the field of mobile systems development.
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TopicsApplication, Mobile Systems, Secondary Study