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Pair programming as a teaching tool: a student review of empirical studies

TitlePair programming as a teaching tool: a student review of empirical studies
Author(s)Pearl Brereton, Mark Turner and Rumjit Kaur
DetailsConference Proceedings: 2009
AbstractThe aims of this research were to investigate the applicability of the systematic literature review (SLR) process within the constraints of a 13-week master’s level project and to aggregate evidence about the effectiveness of pair programming for teaching introductory programming. It was found that, with certain modifications to the process, it was possible to undertake an SLR within a limited time period and to produce valid results. Based on pre-defined inclusion and exclusion criteria, the student found 28 publications reporting empirical studies of pair programming, of which nine publications were used for data extraction and analysis. Results of the review indicates that whilst pair programming has little effect on the marks obtained for examinations and assignments, it can significantly improve the pass and retention rates and the students’ confidence and enjoyment of programming. Following the student study, experienced reviewers re-applied the inclusion and exclusion criteria to the 28 publications and carried out data extraction and synthesis using the resulting papers. A comparison of the students’ results and those of the experienced reviewers is presented.
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TopicsApplication, Education, Management, Secondary Study, Software Construction, Software Engineering