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Preliminary Guidelines for Empirical Research in Software Engineering

TitlePreliminary Guidelines for Empirical Research in Software Engineering
Author(s)B.A. Kitchenham and S. Lawrence Pfleeger and L.M. Pickard and P.W Jones and D.C. Hoaglin and K. El Emam and J.Rosenberg
DetailsArticle: 2002
AbstractEmpirical software engineering research needs research guidelines to improve the research and reporting processes. We propose a preliminary set of research guidelines aimed at stimulating discussion among software researchers. They are based on a review of research guidelines developed for medical researchers and on our own experience in doing and reviewing software engineering research. The guidelines are intended to assist researchers, reviewers, and meta-analysts in designing, conducting, and evaluating empirical studies. Editorial boards of software engineering journals may wish to use our recommendations as a basis for developing guidelines for reviewers and for framing policies for dealing with the design, data collection, and analysis and reporting of empirical studies.
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TopicsMethodology, Primary Study, Software Engineering