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Reviewing 25 Years of Testing Technique Experiments

TitleReviewing 25 Years of Testing Technique Experiments
Author(s)N. Juristo and A.M. Moreno and S. Vegas
DetailsArticle: 2004
AbstractMature knowledge allows engineering disciplines the achievement of predictable results. Unfortunately, the type of knowledge used in software engineering can be considered to be of a relatively low maturity, and developers are guided by intuition, fashion or market-speak rather than by facts or undisputed statements proper to an engineering discipline. Testing techniques determine different criteria for selecting the test cases that will be used as input to the system under examination, which means that an effective and efficient selection of test cases conditions the success of the tests. The knowledge for selecting testing techniques should come from studies that empirically justify the benefits and application conditions of the different techniques. This paper analyzes the maturity level of the knowledge about testing techniques by examining existing empirical studies about these techniques. We have analyzed their results, and obtained a testing technique knowledge classification based on their factuality and objectivity, according to four parameters.
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TopicsApplication, Secondary Study, Software Engineering, Testing